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You know, while the Rock may be a man of color, he's still 1) a man, so therefore, male privilege, and 2) he's white passing. He's light-skinned for his ethnicity of Black/Samoan, and he's culturally been acccepted by many white people as their idol. The Rock doesn't supoort his culture, he lives under White American culture, so therefore, his status as a PoC is invalidated, and in this case, ScarJo's victory is necessary. Hollywood is just corrupt in general when it comes to white favoritism.
carson-leigh1 carson-leigh1 Said:


"his status as a PoC is invalidated"

no. Now you are talking out of your ass. I’ve never seen him reject his non-white cultures, but even if he has that doesn’t take away his “poc card” (seriously, what the fuck). He’s still a person of color, and I think that’s pretty clear- even to his white fans. I don’t think you know how poc identities work. 

ScarJo’s victory is necessary? If that movie benefits anyone at all, it is exclusively white women. Not women of color, and absolutely not people of color in general. If your feminism has to shit on people of color(including women of color) to be successful, then it’s worth nothing at all. 


Jonathan Toews - The “Who needs to wear a shirt at weddings?” Edition

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living-wild-and-free-xx asked: Patrick Kane or Tyler Seguin?[x]

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I’ve seen a few news stories posted on Tumblr recently, which is fine, obviously. You should post news stories. News stories are important. But a lot of these stories are being taken from the Mail Online, the website of the…


perpetual reblogging

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derek hale shirtless and with guns is my new sexuality


derek hale shirtless and with guns is my new sexuality

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